Our Ministries

We are led by Pastors Jeff and Deniz Franck.  They are deeply devoted to God and each other.  They know the lies and deceptions of the enemy first hand.  They give God all the credit for changing their direction, restoring their marriage, and aligning their hearts’ with His.  Together, they seek to guide those they serve into a joyful relationship with God.

Country Kitchen


The ministry leader, Shawn Haney, and his team are responsible for menu development, budgeting, shopping, and utilizing donations to prepare healthy meals for the ministers of Connecting Point and the Church.  This is an essential care ministry of Connections Church and the emphasis is on sharing Christ’s love with all we serve.



Jenna Franck, ministry leader, and her team are responsible for ensuring the church interior and exterior is clean and prepared prior to services.  This ministry brings great challenges and rewards.  Because most of the work is done behind the scenes and is often unappreciated, it requires humility and a heart for God.




Jeff Franck, Nemo’s Driver, and his fellow drivers organize routes and maintain the fleet.  As leader, Jeff must adapt quickly to the ever changing needs of those we serve and various unforeseen mechanical difficulties.  Those who participate in this ministry are on the very front end and the very back end.  First and last impressions are very important.  Ministers serving on this team must be able to represent God exceptionally throughout the process



John Larkin and his team are responsible for the all maintenance, repairs, and improvements at each facility.  This “behind the scene ministry” is often overlooked until an emergency.  Ministers must be competent and well equipped to handle a garden variety of catastrophes.




Our vast team of elders develop the monthly usher calendar, and coordinate proper usher coverage during every service and event. Our elders are responsible for the safety and security of all who attend service or community relations event along with keeping up with prayer requests and watching over the spiritual battle field.  They must be trustworthy, take direction, and be perceptive.





Jasmine Franck and her gifted musicians lead worship during our services and community events.  They continue to grow in number, talent and most importantly their love of God.  Through our worship we create a welcoming God centered environment for those who are being drawn to Him.



Intercessory Prayer


Our Elder Prayer team are responsible for becoming the churches prayer warriors, creating small group devotions, and ensuring prayer has a role in every Community Relations Event.  God has an abundance to pour out on his people, yet many lack the understanding and willingness to communicate to him.  The prayer team stands in the gap between those God loves and God.