How you can help Connections

Volunteers and support required. Without your support thousands of our neighbors may never know God's love. We need your help; from food for the hundreds of meals we serves each month to fuel for our shuttle fleet which transport those we serve to worship, from a simple jacket to shield from the winter to money to purchase and ID for employment.



How Connections can help you

Our services on Sunday and Wednesday mornings begin at 8:00 with breakfast and bibles study. Transportation is available.  Our shuttles begin picking up at the shelters and around town at 7:45. We invite you to come be apart of our congregation and share in the love God has for his people. We will see you soon!


About Us - Connections


Connections is passionately dedicated to leading and loving those in need, expecting miracles through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform brokenness and raise up strong men and women; connecting God with His people, where none are forgotten.


Jeff and Deniz Franck have ministered to the homeless and impoverished since 2004. They are joined by a team of Elders, Missionaries, and Lay Ministers who faithfully give their time and talents to God through ministries including: transportation, meal service, outreach, and intercessory prayer.


We seek to be properly equipped to fulfill our role in the great commission. We pray God will bring revival to our community and expand His kingdom through His church. We seek the additional hands to expand our ministry to homeless and impoverished children, veterans, and elderly as well as people struggling with mental health disorders and addiction.

Our Mission

God so loves the world! He proved it through the willing sacrifice of His son, Jesus.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God made the greatest gift ever available to all; the gift of salvation.  We enthusiastically accepted this amazing gift and celebrate God daily.  Unfortunately, many of our neighbors haven’t heard of God’s gift or have forgotten its power.


We are Connections Church.  Many of us are homeless or have experienced homelessness.  We once were lost, some by making poor choices; drugs, alcohol, crime, lust, pride, anger, and lies.  Others were buried in the brokenness around us; poverty, mental illness, learning disabilities, prejudice, child abuse, divorce and Godlessness.


God found us in the deepest darkest pits of despair imaginable and adopted us.  When we accepted His gift He transformed us; we are no longer the people we were.  As God’s sons and daughters He asks us to share the news of his amazing gift with our community.  We are still works in progress, but we strive to become the men and women God purposed us to be.


There is a seat at the table for you.


Come, join the family

Get Involved Today

Our personal and church resources are modest, but growing.  Our prayer is God will soon expand our reach to bring us into relationship with an even greater number of people experiencing homelessness throughout Tallahassee, the Big Bend, and the Panhandle.  In addition, we feel led to reach the large numbers impoverished and disenfranchised families in these communities.  Please partner with us, today.

Our Pastors

Jeff Franck

Senior Pastor

Jeff began serving as part of the benvolence team at Freedom Church in 2003. He responded to God's call to enter full-time ministry in 2005. Serving for a short time on staff at Freedom, he was soon sent out by the church to serve as a volunteer at the Big Bend Homeless Coalition.

He received his ministry credentials through the West Florida District of the Assemblies of God and was Ordained in 2014.

Prior to  becoming the Pastor of Connections, Jeff served as the Outreach Worker and Cold Night Shelter Manager for the BBHC.


Deniz Franck

Associate Pastor

Deniz, often thinks of herself of a lost coin God recovered.  As a daughter of Turkish Immigrants, she was late to receive her inivitation. Baptized in 2004, she has fully embraced her relationship with God and has a passionate about sharing the good news with the lost.

She served at Jeff's side through Freedom's Breakfast in the Park Ministry and partnered with him to plant Connections Church in 2011. Deniz also holds ministry credentials through the West Florida District.